In home newborn session with family | Miami Shores , FL | South Florida newborn photographer

Hello all, so this is a late post. I photographed this session right before Christmas with this sweet family. They welcomed a healthy baby boy to their family. What better gift for the holidays than a new baby?! His big sis was so great with him, I barely had to tell her to do anything, she naturally interacted with him and was soo sweet. What I love about doing newborn sessions at my clients home is that we can get such a variety of shots indoors and outdoors. We can go from the living room to the nursery and then take a walk outside for some scenic images and fresh air. Enjoy!

newborn with family photo
dad and daughter family shoot
family photo session outdoors
family photo session outdoors
mom and newborn photos
Sibling photos session
sibling with newborn
newborn session at home
newborn session with sibling
newborn sibling christmas
newborn photo session with sibling
newborn feet in home session
family photos with newborn
mom and dd with baby newborn
mom and dad with baby
dad with newborn
newborn at home session swaddled
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newborn feet in home session
newborn in home session swaddled
newborn awake in home session
I had to wait for that little smirk!

I had to wait for that little smirk!

Maternity photography shoot on the beach - Miami, Fl

I had the pleasure of spending the evening with this super down to earth couple expecting their first baby boy. On the day of the session, I met them at their apartment and Lisa was getting her makeup professionally done which I highly recommend for every expecting momma just as a way to pamper yourself before baby arrives. We all know life after baby will be a little less glamorous LOL. So we headed to North Shore Park which I love for having trees and greenery while the beach is literally steps away. You get the best of both worlds there. It was a cloudy day but we still managed to get some great shots together, I’m so looking forward to meeting little guy! Newborn session to follow soon!

Such a sweet couple!

Such a sweet couple!

Pregancy shoot on the beach
Maternity photography
Lisa and Luciano Pregnancy (20 of 55).jpg
maternity photo on beach
maternity photography
Expecting mom and husband couple shot
Lisa and Luciano Pregnancy (44 of 55).jpg


Andrea + Miguel - South Florida Weddings - Tree Tops Park Davie, FL

What a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The weather was not so humid as it normally is in South Florida and the huge oak trees gave some nice shade not to mention a beautiful scenic backdrop.

I love pre-ceremony shots, getting those candid smiles and reactions.

SO happy for this couple! Many congratulations and I wish a long and beautiful life together.

First Birthday Session with Emma - South Florida Cake Smash Photographer- Aventura , FL

First birthday photo sessions are the best! I love photographing cake smashes, they are so much fun! The great thing about these sessions is I do them in my clients home so they get the studio look without having to go anywhere and the best part is baby can go straight to the bathtub right after he/she gets completely covered in cake!

Is your newborn too 'old' for a newborn photography session?

Here I sit on a beautiful Tuesday morning drinking my tea and pondering a question that I often get from so many mommies who are interested in my services:

Is my newborn too old to do a newborn photography session?

In the several years that I have photographed newborns, it never occurred to me that a photographer would actually turn away a mom and her newborn just because her baby was over the so called age limit of two weeks. The whole purpose of a newborn shoot is to capture the little details and to document your baby while they are still so small in those first few weeks.

Although I do understand why some photographers recommend this. For example, newborns under two weeks can easily go into the more sleepy poses, they are more sleepy in general etc. However, In my experience I never had a problem getting some amazing shots of baby both in a sleepy pose and in some awake poses which are equally adorable and mommy always appreciates seeing the awake images.

I understand that taking care of newborn right after giving birth is intense and sometimes the last thing on your mind is booking a photography session. So it’s totally okay to push it off a week or two.

I happily take on baby clients as young as a few days to a few weeks to, heck, even a couple months!

Below are some sweet images of baby Yehuda, who is, wait for it, 5 weeks new!

Capturing your baby's first year

One of the most important things we do as new parents is document our baby's first year of life. Here is a session where we captured this gorgeous girl's newborn, 6 month and first year birthday session. It's amazing how much our babies change just in that first 12 months! 

Ariel's newborn photo session 

Don't forget to book a 6 or 9 month photo session! Your baby has developed so much and may even be reaching milestones like crawling and sitting. They are officially at that adorable baby stage right before they walk and talk. 


And finally their first birthday where we celebrate 12 intense yet amazing months of your child's development. I also like to celebrate mom during this session since it is definitely a major accomplishment on her part as well. 


Outdoor Family Photography | Family Photography Plantation, FL

Summertime in Florida is always blistering hot. Which is why I always schedule my outdoor family sessions in the early morning or an hour or two before sunset.

Shady parks are perfect for getting beautiful scenic images without having to be in direct sunlight.

For this session, we chose Robbins Park in Davie, Fl.

All I need are trees, sunshine and a sweet family of course!

How to prepare for your Maternity session | South Florida Family Photography

A prep guide to a great maternity photography session

I get a lot of questions from my expecting mommy clients about what to wear or what to bring for their upcoming maternity photo session with me so I thought I would write a little prep guide here. For starters, I recommend booking the session when they are between 28-36 weeks. This time frame is where the belly is full and round but mom will still feel comfortable to pose.

Wear something comfortable that suits your style

My goal for my clients is to make sure they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so I always suggest wearing your favorite outfit that suits your style and that accentuates the baby bump. I recommend bringing 2-3 outfits such as a maxi skirt with a fitted top, a long fitted or flowy dress and jeans with a fitted t-shirt for a more casual look.  But always remember to wear whatever makes you feel good. 

Pamper yourself with hair and makeup

Consider this photo session one of the last nice things you do for yourself before your baby arrives. Although I don't require it for any session,  getting your hair and makeup done will surely boost your confidence and you will thank yourself for taking the time and making the effort in having these images created. You will not regret it!

Add family to the session

Whether this is your very first pregnancy or you are adding more littles to your clan, your current family members are more than welcome to join the session even if its just you and your partner. I highly recommend doing the session together as each person is an important part of your family's story. This is also a great way to get updated images of your kids, bonus!

Enjoy this experience

Enjoy the moment and feel excited about this new beautiful life you are creating. I will make sure you are taken care of throughout the whole process. Your maternal glow will truly shine in the images I create for you and just remember that being a mom is one of life's greatest gifts.