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A prep guide to a great maternity photography session

I get a lot of questions from my expecting mommy clients about what to wear or what to bring for their upcoming maternity photo session with me so I thought I would write a little prep guide here. For starters, I recommend booking the session when they are between 28-36 weeks. This time frame is where the belly is full and round but mom will still feel comfortable to pose.

Wear something comfortable that suits your style

My goal for my clients is to make sure they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so I always suggest wearing your favorite outfit that suits your style and that accentuates the baby bump. I recommend bringing 2-3 outfits such as a maxi skirt with a fitted top, a long fitted or flowy dress and jeans with a fitted t-shirt for a more casual look.  But always remember to wear whatever makes you feel good. 

Pamper yourself with hair and makeup

Consider this photo session one of the last nice things you do for yourself before your baby arrives. Although I don’t require it for any session,  getting your hair and makeup done will surely boost your confidence and you will thank yourself for taking the time and making the effort in having these images created. You will not regret it!

Add family to the session

Whether this is your very first pregnancy or you are adding more littles to your clan, your current family members are more than welcome to join the session even if its just you and your partner. I highly recommend doing the session together as each person is an important part of your family’s story. This is also a great way to get updated images of your kids, bonus!

Enjoy this experience

Enjoy the moment and feel excited about this new beautiful life you are creating. I will make sure you are taken care of throughout the whole process. Your maternal glow will truly shine in the images I create for you and just remember that being a mom is one of life’s greatest gifts. 



July 2, 2018


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