Forget Awkward!

Why are we still dutifully sending in those school portrait envelopes every year, KNOWING we are going to get back an awkward & lifeless photo of our child on a pink marbled backdrop? Ew. STOP IT!

Instead, let me give you amazing portraits of your babies to mark the start of the new school year. No awkward poses or faces, just the authentic child and gorgeous images you will be thrilled to hang on your walls.

ALL ages are welcome. (Even infants. And adults needing a quick headshot.)


Schedule your FREE fine art portrait session!

Fine art portraits are a modern and timeless alternative to traditional school portraits and headshots. Adults and children of all ages are invited to participate in this event. Walk-ins are welcome, but those with an appointment will be given priority.

Your portrait sitting is complimentary. Proofs will be delivered to your email, via online gallery where printed product and digital files will be available for purchase directly. Buy only what you love. 

This portrait event will take place at the residences of Midtown 24 in the Alibi room

DIGITAL FILES: One Image ($20), Child's entire image collection ($50)

SINGLE PRINTS: 8 Wallets ($9.95), 4x6 ($5.95), 5x7 ($8.95), 8x10 ($14.95), 11X14 ($19.95)

CANVAS GALLERY WRAPS: 8x10 ($95), 11x14 ($135), 16X20 ($175), 20X30 ($225)